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Sadie's Book #1

Kindle, Paperback, Audible.

Sadie's Book #2

Kindle, Paperback, Audible.

Sadie's Book #3

Kindle, Paperback, Audible.

Aran's Book #1 

Kindle, Paperback, *Coming to Audible in March 2023

It is recommended, but not required to read Sadie's books first. Includes a recap chapter.

Aran's Book #2

Pre-order now on Amazon.

The one where Sadie & Aran compete against each other in the Legionnaire Games 😉

Sadie's Books 

Aran's Books 

 Hi I'm Jasmine Mas!

I love writing dark romance books set in fantastical worlds. Morally gray men, badass women, and magical discoveries only. I also spend all my time reading Harry Potter Fan Fiction (By a lot I mean every single night before bed and most of my weekends hahah *help*)

I live with my husband who is my highschool sweetheart (I'm a witch and 100% put a spell on him) and am the mother of a fluffy cat named Boo. I'm also a full time lawyer. I truly live an exhilarating life...jk all I do is read 24/7, eat protein bars, drink iced coffee, and refuse to leave my house. The hardest part about being a lawyer & author is my characters are getting darker/more sarcastic and now I have the urge to get tattoos and be a degenerate, but thats generally frowned upon energy for attorneys. 

I'll see you in the cruel shifterverse ;)

Please reach out to me at jasminemasbooks@gmail.com. I love talking to readers and including them in the story process 😊.

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